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Technically Sorted Options Pro Course

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Session 1: Introduction to Options:

  1. What are derivatives?
  2. Difference between Futures and Options?
  3. How did Options contract come in the markets in the first place?
  4. What are American options and European Options?
  5. Options Strike prices and how to categorize options according to their type.
  6. Explanation of Options Pricing without using greeks

In the first session Mohak takes you straight into options in a way that first half of the session, the student gets completely clarified on any misconception he may be having. Then introducing the basic jargon of strike price, moniness etc of the options and what they mean. Basic things like liquidity and volatility that will help us understand the more advance things in the course.

The special feature of this session is that Mohak will use real life examples that descibe about the pricing of options. He has been known in his student life to chalk out binomial theorum and probabilities by hand using some options strategies and tracking them back to the pricing model. It is a treat to get this introduction from him.

Session 2: Option Greeks

This is the session we dive into the options greeks in details

Here our idea is to be taking one greek at a time and see how this is engineered into option prices. The black scholes merton model that is used for options pricing has components called "Greeks". We need to see how each of them are aligned with a different aspect of pricing.

  1. Delta
  2. Gamma
  3. Theta
  4. Vega
  5. Rho

Here Mohak makes it smooth as silk to understand these factors and at the end of the session we take exmaples and learn how to use the options calculator.

Session 3: Implied volatility

In this session we understand the concept of Implied Volaitlity. Though it has been mentioned till now in its relationship with other greeks. We then get to, How to do the following with options

  1. Speculation (small talk, later more in next session)
  2. Hedgeing (Hedging a portfilio or a trade)
  3. Arbitrage (Put-Call Parity) 
  4. with respect to Options

Lastly we discuss Open Interest and Put Call Ratio, there are forms of analysis using options data. This is a little Technial in nature. Understading of options from previous session will help understand these more.

Session 4 & 5: Option strategies

Here Mohak takes you into the world of option strategies. Each strategy will be explained in details. The basic format. How to chose the correct options for each strategy. Then which strategy is fit for which market phase. These stratgies help us to profit from factors that normally one option bought or sold cannot do. These strategies are used by professional traders and even some retail traders. They are also used by financial institutions in many cases. Factors such as time decay, evet volatility, mispricing, slow or fast market movement, etc can be captured by the use of these strategies. The other reason to use these strategies is to minimize risk. Many of these strategies are designed to limit your risk very clearly.


The following strategy will be focused upon:

  1. Straddle and Strangle
  2. Calander Spreads
  3. Covered call, Married Put, Collar
  4. Bull and Bear spreads
  5. Ladder strategy
  6. Iron condor
  7. Butterfly
  8. Ratio strategies

The above strategies are all different. They have different number of options in play. There is a different purpose of every strategy depending on the market phase it is used in. There are long and short versions of some of these stratgies. All of this will be covered in details.

  1. Session from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday
  2. Course starting 6th July
  3. Recordings availble till the coming friday
  4. Future lifetime support for doubts and questions will be available

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