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Technically Sorted Trading Psychology Course

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A very special course, it is made to not just give you the knowledge of trading psychology, but to teach you how to apply it in real life. The teachings here and what you are about to read in the course content is something that just doesn’t limit you to trading success but transforms you to a level where you find meaning in life and better living.The first batch started was purely on demand by Mohak’s students and followers on Youtube. His research began with simple introspections at a very early age and later more as a professional trader, when he realised that knowing technical analysis was not enough, knowing oneself as a trader had to complement the mix making a successful trading career. Things built on as he had his fair share of lessons in markets, later as students came to the flagship course, along with technical analysis, they were given trading wisdom as well. He has written blogs, given seminars and talks on this school of thought. Spiritual development is one of the cornerstones of evolving as a trader and entrepreneur. In this course, Mohak takes you to a journey which has been, “life-changing” as claimed by the past students of his course.



Beginning sessions are intent upon giving the student the basic ideas of behavioural finance and to familiarise them with the school of Trading Psychology. You are now embarking on a journey of sifting your psyche from where you want to where you want. Discover the essence of your core mental strength and mental stamina that you want to express effortlessly. We take up a way to understanding yourself and the mind you bring to the market.


No change happens overnight. Maybe you have beaten down psychology or you could be wanting to change only a few emotions that are hindering you. Either way, the market does not respond to your emotions and this leads to more emotional hustle. Our emotional patterns are locked up in patterns of thought that they lead to repetitive patterns of actions. The context keeps changing but the emotions remain the same. Here the student learns to compartmentalise the thinking and the feeling parts of his mind. As a result, a student learns to regulate his or her emotions and get in sync with an optimised trading performance. Guided meditation at the end of the session is cheery on the cake.


As traders we tend to believe what is carried in our neural pathways. Our expressions tend to cement the beliefs. Beliefs are smaller parts of us that are sticking to our ego self. Here we go one level deeper and discover how to tap into deeper levels of our consciousness in order to create and give energy to beliefs that serve us in trading. Our emotions are rooting in our behaviour through our beliefs and how far or close we keep from ourselves what we truly want is a function of our belief systems, it is an inside job. This session is designed to take you through some cold realities and students have claimed in the past that from here, the course begins to create positive changes in their lives overall.


The world is looking for more information without actually preparing themselves to carry, use or assimilate. Mindfulness is a key practice which is not taught when finance is taught, however, there is no denying that mindfulness practices in some from or the other have been catalysts of achievers in business and life.We do not confine mindfulness in this course to only a meditation; it is all pervading wisdom behind mindfulness that increases the quality of mental fibre in a human being.


Here Mohak introduces the students to research from sources that have massively explored human behaviour and well being. Stoic learning, Vedic philosophy and a as the implications of value systems we believe in with full or half knowledge of it. Any person or community is only as good as their value systems in place. The world we live in today, which bombs us with information and inputs, how we take the information has a strong impact on our behaviours. Most value system teachings in every era and every part of the world have been directed to give us a better world view to make our lives better. The new age authors from business strategists to sport coaches, all talk about similar directions in today’s context. Here we draw synergies from cross contextual teachings and situations in a very different way and relate to how we can use them in the context of trading in today’s day and age.


The human brain is a very complex organ. We are gifted with certain thinking as well as intuitive powers we are not even aware of. The student understands the chemical and hormonal reactions of the brain and body. Our brain is plastic, it can be shaped and conditioned to create new pathways and neural habits. Understanding the brain and at the biological and physiological level is essential.A lot of our belief complexities around the subject of money is such that it tends to have direct neural triggers, quite immediately. Understanding of required practices and the knowledge of brain power enhancement is necessary to one’s well being.


Dealing with now what do I do to make it right scenario? Modelling behaviour patterns of outlier performance have factors that are a common denominator across all performing arts.The goal is to study the factors and work on ourselves taking one factor at a time. These are very effective action-oriented practices that have proven to give results to past group and individual mentees.


Success in anything is tough and with trading it can be a long lonely road. I totally believe doing well in anything teaches you a lot about life and the only nirvana is doing well in your work with a human heart and head in place. This is a chance to take you to that place. To accelerate the learning through inspiration that is beyond effort itself. You can spend a long time fighting shadows and lingering outside but that person inside, needs something more, and now you can spend a long time now to discover and relish the treasure that is within you.

This course is very abstract in nature; however Mohak will time and again speak around Technical Factors around trade selection and probabilities around trade design as it fits the students discussions and doubts. The major aspect of dialling into your focus, to marshal and harness your skills with the leverage of better mental health as psychology is the aim of this course.

Certain exercises and tasks given to students will be sent via mail to Mohak, and every student is encouraged to get in touch with Mohak personally on a phone conversation to discuss his or her issues and progress from the very first day of the sessions and even after. This personal touch is constant even if the student needs something after the course.

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