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Some Impressions from our students.

Let me start with thanking you. Thanks Mohak!!! At First Mohak teaches you how not to lose our money. He does it by changing our mental approach, efficient technical analysis and how to apply those analyses on real time charts. Now I’m no longer afraid to take trades on my analysis. If you are investing on learning it’s not spending money. It’s a way of knowing, how to increase your capital with minimal risk. Much thanks to his methods and a very friendly approach.

-Srinadh, Hyderabad

The course was promised for a 15 sessions and delivered for more than 15 sessions with couple of them are very long sessions. Full with charts, mastery of technical skills to walk with market for the rest of life as a day trader. Mohak ji is very good at scanning the market s and enable us to understand the market. We really enjoyed the course and got the confidence to trade in market. I never thought of that I will have this knowledge to trade, believe me before three months I was not able to draw a support resistance line, now I can do a lot with charts. I am really grateful to Mohak and his team.

-Ajay Kumar Sahu

Technically sorted was a good blend of important topics which every trader must know. To start with, observations and guidance of a qualified trader on trader's psychology in a series in the starting of each session is really good. "You hear and forget, see and remember, and practice you habituate", this is one of the classic part in TS program; students have ample time to practice and delve into the topic and can seek clarification in mean time. Topics are vast like air around us, but to survive we need little quantity, if got non polluted can lead a healthier system, likewise to become a consistent profitable trader one need not to master all, can master very few candlesticks, patterns, indicators; really this will make his life.

-BBL Prasaad, Visakhapatnam

This was definitely a different course than most of others available, specially at this very minimum fees, learnt many new things & got insight knowledge with different perspective about the things I was aware of specially RSI, option trading, Bollinger Band & moving averages etc. Helped a lot in having right mindset & psychology about the market. In those every weekend sessions those few minutes trading psychology related doses were really helpful & I don't think one can get this knowledge in books easily. Thank you so much Mohak.

-Mayuresh Otari,Mumbai

Mohak is a passionate trainer/trader par excellence. He has very strong grip and understanding over technical analysis concepts and trading strategies. Explanation given by him is simple to understand even of difficult topics. Even stock specific ideas shared by him always have sound technical analysis foundations. My best wishes to him in all his endeavours.

-P. Singh, Mumbai

I would like to thank you for giving such a great course on Technical Analysis. Initially I was little confused on enrolling in this course due to my lack of knowledge on trading. But frankly speaking, "Technically Sorted"; one of its kind of course; has really changed my perspective of looking market and Scripts. Now I am more informed on Technical Parameters which has helped me in taking more informed decisions. Best part of this course is learning by lot of live examples where I was able to relate and see the results in coming few days/ weeks. Thank you Mohak Sir. I will always seek your guidance whenever required.

-Amit Sangal, New Delhi

I am a master's student from Chennai, I came to technically sorted with very little knowledge of how the market works, technically sorted really helped me to make good trading decisions. He just makes the chart speak so much which I think is great. Mohak will never give views on all stocks; he always waits for the charts to indicate him something. Some of highlights is the essence of describing candlesticks, the explanation of which move is more likely to break..."gathering steam to move up" and many others are his trademark style. The course was simple, lucid with no false promises and false hopes... explaining his raw experience with markets.

-Ranka, Chennai

As the name suggests, Technically Sorted has sorted out the complexities of the technical analysis of stock market. However, one of my major deficiencies was on psychological front. Even smallest of stop losses was causing peace of my mind. Hence I started panicking and made the small losses bigger. Even the days when I was into big profits, one wrong trade because of over-confidence was converting all the profits into bigger losses.Now after completion of this course, I have learnt the concept of series of trades and probabilities, which is definitely helping me out to keep my mental and emotional peace in balance and not affected by stop loss or any profitable trades. Few points I really liked about the course was that the examples were related to our practical life and not just from the markets (obviously examples related to markets were core). Inner circle meeting and “Inner circle” watsapp group is an amazing initiative to be in touch with new and past students and share the market experiences. I would also like to thank Mohak for his recommendations for books related to Trading Psychology and Technical Aspects of the market. The fee paid (I call it as investments done) was completely worth and will be multi-bagger for sure. Thanks Mohak for sharing the knowledge you have gathered over the period.

-CA Arpit, Delhi

Mohak’s course on stock market technical analysis is not just a guide; it’s like a bible for all traders. I have personally undergone a massive transformation both in terms of trading and personality. I personally feel, now I am a complete technical trader just like any other professional and independent trader. With Mohak, it’s like a life time support system that u get through the watsapp group and the directions and technical factors that are discussed. Along with Mohak’s course, the handholding that’s done during and after the course helps us to develop the trading edge that’s needed. The psychological input that’s given is worth a billion. It’s like the “Brahmastra” that a trader needs while trading. With Mohak, the course never ends, it a continuous course for lifetime. The training sessions with Mohak were life turning sessions. It has made me feel like a complete trader who needs no confirmations from any other trader or analyst in the world. It’s not just about learning but also the appropriate trading psychology taught by Mohak which I have been able to imbibe and institutionalise in my daily routine thereby helping me take the most probable decisions out of pure objectivity. Three cheers to all the genuine efforts put in by Mohak to make us independent traders who need nobody for any guidance.

-Rupesh Das, Kolkata

After attending this course, my thinking has completely changed. I have now become more confident about taking trades. I had many myths about the stock market, now I have found out the reality. My perception of the market has completely undergone a vast change. The best part about the course is that Mohak bro is always there to clear your doubts, even the really really silly ones. He’s so calm and composed and that is always rubbing on all of us. Thank you Mohak bro for being there for all of us. God bless you!!

-Kumar Sunil Kumar

At the end of the course I am feeling really confident that I mastered the basic foundation of the course. Now I have the ability to develop my own trading system and follow my own trading style that which suits me. I would like to highlight a few points. a. This course is not only about Technical Analysis, it is about Technical Analysis +Trading Psychology +Money management skills b. In the beginning of each session we very often discussed some trading psychology understanding and included on how current markets moved in accordance with the same concepts as we are learning. c. In our batch whatsapp groups we discussed doubts and shared charts asking questions, he is always guiding us with the same. d. Technical trading is a skill which cannot be understood by studying from books alone. Rather than text book stuff, it is about practicality and how you apply yourself creatively. Thank you for showing us the right way Mohak Sir. Best teacher! Best mentor! God bless you! Thank you!!!


I have gained knowledge which I could have never gained by self learning. Mistakes in past have given me knowledge and understanding of how market works but how to see market as actual traders point of view learn from an expert & analyst Mohak Ji. It’s more than a Technical Analysis course where I learned the use of not just the various candlestick patterns, Charts & technical indicators, but it is a relationship of a lifetime where Mohak Ji guided to walk through this journey of being an normal trader to a successful trader. He teaches us so many things apart from Technical Analysis Such as Money Management Rules, Strategies & Trading styles, Human Psychology on trading, Avoiding Over trading rules, many more . I got lifetime membership of Trading Watsapp group, which is one of the unique features of this program, where you get guidance on making the correct trading decisions and get expert advice on your chart analysis, and these all are complimentary to the program. Unlike many courses which are covered over two days, this course allowed time for one to understand the concept, practice it during the week before the next session when doubts were cleared along with practical examples and the next concept was introduced and explained. Overall I have learned so many things which can't be explain by words for that gain we need to join & feel the essence of course.

-Sourav Ghosh, Chennai

It has been great learning from Mohak ji. His explanations are elaborated and very unique. I still remember the first day I saw YouTube video I was impressed there by the way he presented the charts and the point of interaction and the conclusion. Most importantly I was happy learning from a teacher who is qualified and has many years of trading experience. I have learnt many things after I joined his course. How to read charts on different time frames? Patterns to look on the charts and the time frame. Psychology effect on trading style. Different important candles to look on. And much more!

-B. Rai,Bangalore

Thank you for letting me know and join the training, It helped me to much extent and ways of looking at charts, with my exposure to markets earlier I used to opt for Services or on News, where I lost big amount and valuable time, I always believe markets are good to make money but was not successful. Where are you all these time Mohak Ji, if I have met you and got trained before would be different, yet, never late, thank you for all your guidance and teachings. Today, there is lot of improvement and I am confident to do the analysis myself and work with the market. Thank you!

-Ravi Kiran, Bangalore

Before this course I was thinking like markets are like quick buck and easy to enter trade and earn but, reality was otherwise with the result and I started to lose money in continuation. This course has brought me to relax and trade. Confidence will come from understanding the topics related to markets and the way they behave. Initially I was like shooting in the dark without any goal but, now it’s like shooting in the dark with the neon light on to focus on the target, wait for the right time and then shoot. Thanks Mohak for being such a good guide and a mentor. Compared to other shorter courses I was about to opt for, this 15 session refresher changes the minds of an amateur trader to an advanced one and would like to recommend anyone who asks me for the same.

-Jerome Laurence, Pune

I was tried so many ways to learn Technical Analysis but you showed me the right one. Only a wise teacher can do that. I am really thankful to you; you are a great teacher and a good human being Thank you for your contribution to building my career. You have been a wonderful mentor and an amazing companion. I feel grateful for having such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for everything you taught to me specially Interaction points, Breakouts, Patterns, Elliot and many more. Before that I was tried to take trade only on bottom and top and missed in between rally. Now I find much better trades. Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever; I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again and again and again.

-Ravindra Bhatia, Dehli NCR

What does a trader really wants? Consistent income from stock market right isn't it? But with our limited knowledge and improper money management what actually happens is loss of trading capital and then we blame the market as if it were a casino. In reality, the markets are great place to earn, provided you have the right mindset in place. Before this course I was making consistent losses, it severely affected my professional and personal life; then I came across a free Telegram channel called "Mohak's Technical Analysis", I joined it as it was free and just kept it as it is until that week I made my usual trading losses. My desperation probed me to check the posts on this channel; I found such great trading ideas, a high hit ratio. Even then my ego did not allow me to join his course. I thought it would be just the same usual things as other courses offered; likewise nearly 1 month passed and I finally made my mind to JOIN Mohak Sir's course. Thank God it turned out to be a much wiser decision. After nearly 2.5 months of learning trading on the basis of Technical Analysis. All I can say is I am not yet a master in trading but I have stopped making those losses from the market while trading as I am getting better every passing day. I follow the rules and knowledge of the course and kept my mindset clear. I am no longer influenced by the business news or stock tips provide. I now wait for the right opportunity in a stock to enter long or short and follow the proper guidelines for trading a stock or index as I learnt in the course from Shri Mohak Sir Joint it to believe it.

-Gaurang Patel, Gujarat

I am very thankful to mohak sir and technically sorted team who show me the path through which I start my journey of the retail trader to professional trader. This course is the bible of the market in which all things there which need one professional trader. Before I join course i think technical analysis is not my cup of tea but when mohak sir teach it is so simple and practical way it is just like you listen story and interest build automatically. After completing the course I am very comfort to full-time trader and money is now outcomes of knowledge without stress. Through this course, i know not only technical chart reading but how to apply it and co-relate with trading phycology is very important. After completion, of course, the inner circle group which is very helpful to sharp my daily skill of trading. This technically sorted team is not a course but it is a family mentors who guide me in my every step of success.

-Vijay Joshi, Ahemedabad Gujarat

After scanning various telegram channels for over a year I found your channel Technically Sorted by Mohak Pachasia to be one of the best channels to rely on. The knowledge of Mohak in his subject is intense and the psychology sessions are of great help. Doing this course and attending the morning sessions and free seminars will definitely improve our trading experience. Keep up the good work. All the very best.

- Edgar lobo, Navi Mumbai

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