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At the end of the course I am feeling really confident that I mastered the basic foundation of the course. Now I have the ability to develop my own trading system and follow my own trading style that which suits me. Our sessions included the understanding on how current markets moved in accordance with the same concepts as we are learning. Trading is a skill which cannot be understood by studying from books alone. Rather than text book stuff, it is about practicality and how you apply yourself creatively. Thank you for showing us the right way Mohak Sir. Best teacher! Best mentor! God bless you! Thank you!!!

I am very thankful to Mohak sir and Technically Sorted team to show me the path through which I start my journey of the retail trader to professional trader. This course is the bible of the market in which all things there which need one professional trader. Mohak sir teach it is so simple and practical way it is just like you listen story and interest build automaticallyNow I am very comfort to full-time trader and money is now outcomes of knowledge without stress. Through this course, i know not only technical chart reading but how to apply it and co-relate with trading phycology is very important. The inner circle group which is very helpful to sharp my daily skill of trading. This technically sorted team is not a course but it is a family mentors who guide me in my every step of success.

-Vijay Joshi, Ahemedabad Gujarat

I would like to thank you for giving such a great course on Technical Analysis. Initially I was little confused on enrolling in this course due to my lack of knowledge on trading. But frankly spe aking, "Technically Sorted"; one of its kind of course; has really changed my perspective of looking market and Scripts. Now I am more informed on Technical Parameters which has helped me in taking more informed decisions. Best part of this course is learning by lot of live examples where I was able to relate and see the results in coming few days/ weeks. Thank you Mohak Sir. I will always seek your guidance whenever required.der to professional trader. 

-Amit Sangal, New Delhi

This was definitely a different course than most of others available, specially at this very minimum fees, learnt many new things & got insight knowledge with different perspective about the things I was aware of specially RSI, option trading, Bollinger Band & moving averages etc. Helped a lot in having right mindset & psychology about the market. In those every weekend sessions those few minutes trading psychology related doses were really helpful & I don't think one can get this knowledge in books easily. Thank you so much Mohak.

- Mayuresh Otari, Mumbai

I was tried so many ways to learn Technical Analysis but you showed me the right one. Only a wise teacher can do that. I am really thankful to you; you are a great teacher and a good human being Thank you for your contribution to building my career. You have been a wonderful mentor and an amazing companion. I feel grateful for having such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for everything you taught to me specially Interaction points, Breakouts, Patterns, Elliot and many more. Before that I was tried to take trade only on bottom and top and missed in between rally. Now I find much better trades. Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever; I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you again and again and again.

-Ravindra Bhatia, Dehli NCR

I am a master's student from Chennai, I came to technically sorted with very little knowledge of how the market works, Technically Sorted really helped me to make good trading decisions. He just makes the chart speak so much which I think is great. Mohak will never give views on all stocks; he always waits for the charts to indicate him something. Some of highlights is the essence of describing candlesticks, the explanation of which move is more likely to break.. and many others are his trademark style. The course was simple, lucid with no false promises and false hopes... explaining his raw experience with markets.

- Ranka, Chennai

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