Meet Mohak Pachisia

Mohak is a passionate trader, educator, and industry expert. With a deep understanding of financial markets. He brings a multidisciplinary exposure by way of education, he has learnt from the best institutes in the world, namely CFA (USA),Level 3 candidate, and CMT(USA), cleared all levels, and EPAT(QuantInsti).

He is works as an independent Quauntitative research analyst, Trader and Trading Coach. His expertise lies Technical Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Options, Data Science for Finance, Machine Learning. 

He started young as a trader and now has over 11 years of experience in the Industry as well as Academia. Starting "Technically Sorted" in 2015, he teachings have reached out to more than 15,000 learners. His interviews have been featured in books like "Trade and Grow Rich" and also on platforms like MoneyControl.

He has also been associated with corporates like Upstox for his training services. His way to connect with the audience, breaking complex concepts into bit sized learnings and teaching using a lot of market examples, make him stand out as a high quality teacher.

Mohak is committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge and strategies to navigate and succeed in the dynamic world of trading. Through comprehensive courses and insightful guidance, Mohak equips traders with the skills to achieve their financial goals and unlock their full potential.

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